April 03, 2016

Paktron Launches CCTV Security Products Range in Pakistan

CCTV Security System Pakistan

Paktron; the CCTV Service Provider in Pakistan, now launched its own CCTV products range including Analog, AHD and HD CCTV cameras, DVR and NVR.

Paktron now becomes the first Pakistani CCTV Camera brand, which offer replacement warranty on camera products.

The CCTV Products introduced by Paktron are Chinese, Korean and Taiwan made, some of their products are also assembled in Pakistan.

EX-203 CCTV Camera in Pakistan

Outdoor Best CCTV Camera

Best CCTV Camera in Pakistan

CCTV Cameras:

Analog Cameras: (CVBS) - Best for Outdoor Night Vision Video Surveillance.

AHD Cameras: (Analog High Defination), uses coax cable to transmit HD video, supports 720p and 1080p HD video resolutions. Best for Indoor video surveillance.

HDCVI Cameras: High Definition Composite Video Interface by Dahua Security.

HD-SDI Cameras: High-Definition Serial Digital Interface.

HD-TVI Cameras: High Definition Transport Video Interface or Turbo HD by HikVision.

The above mentioned technologies based on Analog CCTV video standards optimized to get HD video results on Co-Axial cable.

IP HD Cameras: This is the pure or true HD video surveillance technology which is based on digital standards. IP cameras uses Ethernet or Wi-Fi standards to produce true digital HD video resolution. This is a costly solution.

DVR Internet Settings

camera IP Settings


Dedicated digital video recorder used with above mentioned video standards. NVR are used with IP cameras.

The products range is available on Pakistan CCTV camera. Here are the CCTV Cameras Packages for security of Shops, Homes, Business and where CCTV solutions applied.

Paktron offer CCTV System at minimum price. The professional CCTV installation charges are also affordable.

Currently offering professional CCTV services in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and nearby areas.

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