March 20, 2014

Worthy Online Shopping Stores in Pakistan

List of online shops in Pakistan

With the advancement in technology and development of internet, the rise of e-commerce in Pakistan has been notable, and with time e-commerce has given a new life to almost every kind of business that exists.

In the beginning it was a medium for corporate enterprises to order for stuff on a huge scale but with time more and more online retail shops established themselves on the internet so that they could get a bigger piece of the market by catering to individuals even with small scale orders.

There are many such online retail shops on the website that cater to clients worldwide, but as big as their names are, the international orders always cost more. It is because of this that more and more stores are being opened on the national level, catering specifically to buyers in one country, keeping their tastes, requirements and cultural influence in mind.

In Pakistan, quite a few online shopping stores have made sure that they have a cyber-presence so that people in far flung areas are aware of their brand name as well as their products and then there are a few that make sure that they are number one at what they do. There are only a few websites which have entered this race yet to excel at this. For one, they have worked hard on the customer services part of their online shopping experience and some have made sure that they offer the free shipping and home delivery options and others have worked to improve the payment methods.

A few notable names in the online shopping websites list in Pakistan are and one of them is

Some of the websites do not only promote products of one brand only and are not category specific, these act as a marketplace and work to promote but the buyers and sellers interest. and are such examples. also works on this principle.

Tips for Better Online Shopping Experience in Pakistan

However there are certain underlying differences on the ways these websites operate and the models they follow. Some follow the amazon model, whereby storing inventory of all the listed product, while some work on the eBay one, where they just connect the buyer and the seller and take responsibility for safe transaction and home delivery and shipment services. It is because of the fact that these website go a few extra miles for better online shopping experiences for their customers that these websites are considered amongst the reputable and worthy ones.

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