October 04, 2013

Tips for Better Online Shopping Experience in Pakistan

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Online shopping has become popular for many reasons, the two most cited being convenience and variety; you don’t have to go anywhere and can shop within the convenience of your home or office and secondly there is a lot more variety online - no limits to a certain good not being available or in store, pretty much everything is available.

However there can be a lot of errors and confusions shopping online as well - at times the product isn't what you expected and since you cannot see or feel it you can never be sure of the quality or dimensions of the product.

In order to avoid disappointment, here are a few measures that you should take while shopping online:
  1. Check out the picture gallery: Most websites have pictures for all products on sale - check out all the pictures available for the product you are buying to get a good idea of the product, what it looks like and what condition it is in so you know what to expect.
  2. Verify the dimensions: Often pictures show an enlarged version, or products looks bigger in size than they really are - make sure that you see the dimensions (meters / inches) for the product to have a reasonable estimate of the size.
  3. Check shipping costs: Some websites and sellers offer free shipping, while others charge for shipping- often when products have a lot of discount the difference is made up with a high shipping charge. When you are buying a product consider the shipping cost- PKR 200 / 300 is standard cost for shipping in Pakistan but it may not be reasonable on a PKR 200 rupee product.
  4. Read the fine print: Often sellers write their conditions or buyer sellers in a small text box- make sure you read all terms and conditions that apply so you are skirmished with a flurry of stipulations that apply for your purchase.
  5. Check exchange and refund policy: So it may happen that even after taking all these precautions you would end up with a product that you don’t like- to avoid getting stuck with it check out the websites refund and exchange policy - most allow return or refund with 7 or 14 days, but often the process can be long and drawn out. Make sure the sellers you purchase from allow refund and exchange of goods.
Amongst the many online shopping websites in Pakistan, a few have developed their customer care and service departments to offer return, exchange, guarantees and much more; Kaymu.pk is one such online shopping store in Pakistan that is customer friendly and offers after sale services for customers such Kaymu Guarantee and Kaymu Promise. Hopefully these tips would help you choose your products and shop wisely and enjoy a much better shopping experience in Pakistan!

This is a guest post by Basit Rahman.

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