September 12, 2012

Ufone Auto Reply Service - 5757

Ufone has introduced a very useful service for its prepaid and postpaid customers, including subscribers of Uth Package, Ladys Package and Kisan Package.

This newly launched service is named as "Ufone Auto Reply". This is a service just for those moments whenever you become too busy to answer a call for example while driving or in a meeting and etc., you can have a selected audio message played to the caller right away, without receiving the call.

From available messages on the list to different custom made messages in your own voice for different people, you can make your own choice.

How to ?
  • All you have to do is, call 5757 for just Rs. 0.10 + tax per minute to subscribe and stay in touch at all times.
Service Charges:
  • Subscription charges are Rs. 5 + tax per week for Prepaid customers and Rs. 20 + tax per month for Postpaid customers.
  • Calls to 5757 will be charged at Rs. 0.10 + tax per minute

This service can be very useful when you are unable to receive voice calls. In that situations you can avail this Auto Reply Service to play a pre-defined message or custom voice message (recorded in your own voice) from the list of a custom or pre-defined voice messages.

How to Record ? To record you own voice message dial 5757 from your Ufone and follow the instructions.

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