September 17, 2012

Pakistan to Block YouTube in next 24 hours

After strong Protests in all over Pakistan, finally Government of Pakistan has decided to block youtube in Pakistan.

According to Pakistani News TV Channels Tickers and latest news Alerts President of Pakistan Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has ordered PTA to block the access of youtube in Pakistan.

It is a very bold step from the President of Pakistan. I personally and a large number of Pakistani nationals (almost all) appreciated this decision.

Earlier Today, The Supreme Court of Pakistan has already ordered the PTA to block links to a recently released anti-Islam movie from the internet.

The supreme court of Pakistan summoned the chairman of PTA and directed him to block access to all sacrilegious material in Pakistan that has hurt the feelings of Muslims globally.

The court then instructed the chairman to submit the implementation report the same day. The Chief Justice also directed the PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority) to set up ‘standards of modesty’ and submit a reply in this regard within two weeks.


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