September 09, 2012

Atlas Honda offers Honda City with new Titan Interior

Honda Atlas Cars (Pakistan) ltd. The manufacturer of Honda Cars in Pakistan has announced that the company is introducing a dazzling new Titan interior for Honda City.

The new Beige colored interior looks great, this is a nice move form the company to rise the sale. The new Honda City with new interior is great.

The advertisement campaign of new interior is based on the title line of "City - The Inside Matters, Introducing a dazzling new titan interior that grown on you".

New Interior is for "Standard Honda City" and Black (dark grey) colored interior and leather seat covers for "Honda City Aspire".

The newly introduced Beige colored interior includes Beige colored Seat Covers, Seat Belts, Beige Colored Door Panels and, Beige colored Glove Compartment (part of Dash Board) as shown in the pictures and images.

Remaining interior items have same old color scheme i.e Grey Colored Roof, Silver and Black dash board and Steering Panel, Dark Grey Floor Matt (carpet).

According to my point of view the new interior matches with the design of the car and looks great, you can share your pint on view by using below embedded comment box.

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