March 31, 2012

wi-tribe live streamed Google Technology User Group (GTUG) event

As we reported earlier about the wi-tribe live streaming service, wi-tribe Pakistan recently live streamed the first Google Technology User Group (GTUG) event held at SZABIST, Islamabad.

Themed around “Google Outreach and Innovation”, the event aimed to promote Google’s latest technology amongst budding developers and technology evangelists.

Speakers at the event included Ahmad Hamzavi, Head of New Business Development, MENA & Central Asia, who spoke on the subject of innovation at Google, and Tilek Mamutov, New Business Development Manager, Central Asia and Central South Asia who spoke about Google outreach.

“GTUG is a great event that imparts knowledge about the latest Google technology. The event provided a great learning opportunity to Pakistan’s young and aspiring developers. With wi-tribe LIVE, our aim is to widen the outreach of such informative sessions, making them available online to as big an audience as possible. At wi-tribe, we pride ourselves on providing and promoting platforms that can act as key enablers for the development of Pakistan’s future technology leaders,” said Ali Fahd, Director of Marketing, wi-tribe Pakistan.

By taking such initiatives, wi-tribe aims to open doors of new possibilities for the diligent youth of the country. By creating limitless access to events like GTUG with live streaming, wi-tribe envisions a more technology advanced Pakistan where the youth becomes the driving force behind ICT development.

wi-tribe Pakistan hosted a number of live streaming projects under the umbrella of wi-tribe LIVE.

GTUG Islamabad Official Page

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