March 16, 2012

Pakistan Day Offer: PTCL Upgraded DSL 1 Mbps to 2 Mbps

Good news for DSL broadband internet users, due to یوم پاکستان Pakistan Day (23 March, 2012), PTCL has upgraded data rate of 1 Mbps customers to 2 Mbps without any additional charges till 31st May 2012.

PTCL 1 Mbps Broadband customers can now enjoy 2 Mbps data rate at the price of 1 Mbps data rate till 31st May 2012.

After the expiry of the promotional period, normal tariff of 2 Mbps “Rs. 1,499” will be applicable.

Note: This promotion will not be applicable on Broadband student package.

This promotion will also exclude customers who are currently on packages like double up, double impact and triple play packages along with the customers who opted out of the promotion last year, and whose line currently does not support 2 Mbps speeds.

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