September 24, 2011

Zong +1 offer Plus best Package to call other Networks

Zong, the fastest growing GSM network of Pakistan, has introduced a brand new package named Zong +1 through which ZONG’s users will be able to select any one GSM operator and get discounted calls on all numbers of that operator.

Customers who subscribe to Zong +1 offer will simply be able to choose their desired operator and enjoy discounted call rates of 35 paisa + tax / 20 seconds to that specific operator.

The main advantage of this offer is that +1 is an additional offer which can be availed with any Package of Zong.

All other charges including, Call, SMS, GPRS ratesare from your normal (pre-selected) package. You can Change your favourite network as many times as you want.

Offer Details / Call Charges:
  • Call Carges: 35 paisa + tax per 20 seconds to any number of a selected favourite operator.
  • Daily Operator Fee: Rs 1.25 + tax per Day
  • One Time Subscription Fee: Rs 10 + tax
  • Change of Favourite Operator: Each modification of favourite operator will be charged at Rs 10 + tax
How to Activate / Subscribe ?
  • Dial *515# and choose the desired operator from the menu
  • OR
  • Write the name of the operator which needs to be selected and send to 515
For example, if a customer wants to select:
  • Mobilink: he will SMS 'Mobilink' to 515 ( System will accept Mobilink, Jazz, Indigo & anything starting with 'm', 'j' or 'i' )
  • Telenor: SMS 'Telenor' to 515 ( System will accept Telenor, Djuice & anything starting with 't' or 'd' )
  • Ufone: SMS 'Ufone' to 515 ( System will accept Ufone & anything starting with 'u', 'v' or 'y' )
  • Warid: SMS 'Warid' to 515 ( System will accept Warid, Glow & anything starting with 'w' or 'g' )
  • Zong: 'Zong' to 515 ( System will accept Zong, M9 & anything starting with 'z' or 'm9' )
How to De-Activate / Unsubscribe ?
  • Send "OFF" to 515
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