September 07, 2011

Telenor to charge walk-in customer on selected S&SCs from 12th Sep 2011

Telenor Pakistan has announced to change or apply charges to the walk-in customers on selected Sales and Service Centers from 12th of september 2011.

Earlier we had reported about the additional charges on recharge amount known as admin fee and now this.

Telenor said on its website:
"Change of Charges for walk-in customer services on selected Sales and Service Centers.

Telenor Pakistan has always endeavored to provide quality services to its subscribers while offering the best packages to meet their daily needs.

In order to provide even better services and further strengthen its network following charges from walk-in customer on selected S&SCs will be charged from 12th September 2011.
  • *Change of Ownership: Rs. 30
  • Package Plan Change: Rs. 10
  • PIN / PUK code Inquiry: Rs. 20
  • CDR Required: Rs. 20
  • Handset setting: Rs. 20
  • F&F Modification: Rs. 10
* unauthorized marking of 668 customer would not be charged"
You can also see this news on Telenor Website

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