December 30, 2010

Zong M9 - What’s Your Plan? -

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What Is Zong M9 ?

M9 may be a Youth Targeted Brand / Package By Zong like Telenor's Djuice, Ufone's UTH Package, Mobilink's Jazz Jazba and Warid's Glow.

We don’t have full detail about this, either it is complete brand like or only a new package but as what we assume after watching M9 Tvc it looks like a new prepaid brand by zong. We will inform you when we get complete detail about this.

About M9 Website

M9 Website
Currently Intrested Ones can register their numbers in advance by visiting (Now get your lucky number with the opinion of our expert “Waseem Jaffry”)

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Update: (06-Jan-2011) Click Here For M9 Packages (Details)

Update: feb 17, 2011
M9, an industry first service that no one has yet thought of! Keeping the tradition alive and touching new heights of customer satisfaction and service innovation, Zong is bringing to subscribers a new Package plan that will appeal to the internet users of Pakistan in general and the educated, smart mobile user in particular.

Specifically designed for our young at heart entertainment lovers, M9 is not just a package but altogether a new experience. The core values of the M9 plan being Flexibility & Lifestyles, combined with the product offering endow a new personality to the Package.

With M9 you can not only choose you own M9 calling plan as well as free benefits as it suits you. On top of this, you will further receive daily free minutes based on yesterday’s usage. Means with M9 you don’t have to wait for special scheme to put your SIM back and enjoy free benefits rather keep using M9 and enjoy daily! So what’s your plan?

Experience M9
M9 can be activated by either of the following choices
Dial *247# from you cell phone and follow the plan
Browse through your mobile and go to

What is Zong M9
Book Your M9 Number(BYN)


"How can I activate M9?"

Just type *247# and enjoy the freedom to design your package Further, u can call on 310 or visit M9 Outlet or website/WAP.


To M9 can be by *247#, or visit our web/WAP site.

- First time migration is free and later on it is charged at Rs 15
- M9 Plans (Except: Default: 1.5 Plan) have an exact 30 days restriction for migration.

Example: If Customer Migrates from M9 Plan 1.5 to M9 Plan 0.9, then he/she will be restricted to 0.9 Plan for 30 days. If customer wants to migrate to M9 Plan 2.2 after 30 days he can move to M9 2.2 Plan. Here again customer will be restricted on 2.2 Plan for 30 days.

Free resources
Free min are for on net use only where as free SMS can be sent on any network in Pakistan


How can I book special number with the help of the Numerologist?

How can I Book a number of my own choice?

How SIM will be delivered?
SIM can be delivered from the BYN Website.

What is the Validity of my Booking Ticket?
For M9 Booking, the validity of the Booking Ticket is 10 Days.


How can I become M9/ M9 subscriber?
- Type MNP and send it to 667
- Forward the reply SMS to 0314-333-44-55 by adding at the end of the SMS.

How can I get M9?
BYN website, CSC, Call Center, Franchise outlet.

How will I get SIM?
SIM will be delivered by courier or can be received from the nearby CSC.

Subscription fees
Off net benefit of low call rates can be enjoyed by paying subscription fee varying from Rs 7.5~ Rs 30

What Options for Free Minutes/SMS can I get?
You can choose 5 Options for Free Monthly On-Net Minutes or SMS or a combination of both, based upon your usage needs. These Free Minutes/SMS will be refilled every 30 days from your subscription date and you will also receive an SMS Alert.

Using Free Minutes
- Daily Benefits are valid for 1 calendar day
- Benefit options are valid for 30 days

What can be done on M9 website ?
- M9 can be managed via Web or WAP or USSD
- You can also view your Call Detail History
- You can avail the Add-Ons.
- You can switch your number from any other operator to M9 by Following Simple instructions.

Default tariff
- Default M9 tariff is Rs 1.5/min
- Default is either pre selected incase of migration/ new activation else it is due to forceful migration due to insufficient balance for Monthly Advanced Rental.

Can a Subscriber Modify Add-Ons during the 30 Days Plan Subscription ?
- Yes the Customer can modify Add-Ons, during the 30 days subscription.

If a customer has balance less than Re 1, will he be able to make call ?
Yes, if Free Minutes are available then they can be consumed. Package types
To M9 First time migration is free and later on it is charged at Rs 15+Tax (Rs.17.92 Including Tax)

Billing pulse
- 1 Minute On-Net and X-Net.
- Data Charging will be 8KB per unit. (Rates will vary according to the selected M9 Plan)

- Daily Benefits on Billed Usage are valid for 1 calendar day and are On-Net Minutes.
- Free Min/SMS Option selected are valid for 30 days.
- All M9 VAS will have their existing validities

Zong M9 TVC / TV Advertisement
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