March 02, 2016

Leonardo Di Caprio Journey of Oscar

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The kiddo who started his career some 22 years ago from a movie which was about two brothers.

And eyebrows were risen at the spot after watching credentials of the soft faced actor that something spectacular might happen at the very start for him as he was given a nod for his performance in that role by Academy Awards but as good things don’t come that easily same was the case here as he had to work with persistence and will of winning the gold for coming years in the acting industry to reach the penultimate prize.

He got nominated for his spectacular acting in between those years for his roles in the “Blood Diamond” where he narrated the story of bloody diamond industry of Africa and later on for his brilliant performance in the “Aviator” but the closest he came of winning it was in 2013 where the actor worked his heart out in a blockbuster movie by the name of “Wolf of Wall Street” but still the fate was not on his side as he had to turn up again as a “Smiling Loser”.

Though last night the dream came true as Leonardo Di Caprio cemented his legacy as an Oscar winner by winning the ultimate prize for his work in “The Revenant” as he truly pushed the limits this time and brought tragedy and drama to a different level through his intense and heart robbing acting.

Well some would say he should have won it a lot earlier while others would say still there were better in line them him this year as well but in my view he did what he wanted to do for a long time and this was the right time for it to happen as well.

Author: Bilal Kiani

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