January 23, 2015

ZONG to launch 3G / 4G Compatible Devices Soon

Zong 3G 4G free Trick

Following 4G LTE, Zong is going to launch 3G / 4G compatible devices in Pakistan very soon.

Zong has also appointed Muller and Phipps (MNP) as its devices distributor.

This is a superb gift from Zong for those who are looking to purchase a smart-phone for the first time. This device is an integrated camera, media player, and Internet browser all in a single phone Just like any other smart-phone this device will allow you to check email and share photos with friends and family but to do it faster than ever.

Zong is only 3G and 4G distributor of Pakistan. An extensive platform in affordable price was required to enjoy the speed and features of 3G and 4G, therefore Zong has taken the initiative to launch Hi-tech devices of 3G and 4G at affordable prices and with state of the Art technology.

Zong 4G LTE Mobile Phone Devices

While talking about the launch of3G/4G compatible handsets Muzzamil Athar, Head of Sales Terminal Zong said that Zong always takes lead in introducing new technologies in telecom sector for its values subscribers like 4G LTE and now 4G enabled devices. These devices are of best quality to enjoy 3G/4G features. Zong has history of providing best services to its customers that are economic to their pockets.

Mr. Abdul Wahid Director Business development MNP also expressed his views, “People who are looking for a mini-computer with high speed internet, which they can put into their pockets, should consider getting a Zong 3G/4G enabled handsets. Phones like these allow a person to work on things that often require a laptop or a desktop computer. For instance, one can check stock quotes, game scores, and be informed of the latest news. While it is true that any Smartphone can do this but only Zong 3G/4G-capable devices provide high internet speeds that reach up to 1 Gbit/s. For those who upload and download a lot of information, getting these devices is a sensible decision.

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