January 05, 2015

Warid 4G LTE Mobile Internet Packages

Warid 4g internet packages

Warid officially launched 4G LTE services in Pakistan from 26th December, 2014. Warid also launched 3G and 4G Packages, for its prepaid and postpaid customers in Pakistan.

Here are the Warid 4G packages for prepaid and postpaid customers including Glow customers.

Warid LTE Packages (for prepaid customers):

Category Price (PKR) Volume Validity How to Subscribe How to Check
Internet Balance
Daily 2-MB Rs. 3.5 2-MB 1 Day SMS 2 MB to 7777
Daily 15-MB Rs. 12 15-MB 1 Day SMS 15 MB to 7777
Daily Unlimited Rs. 10 100-MB 1 Days SMS UL to 7777
Weekly 250-MB Rs. 35 250-MB 7 Days SMS WM to 7777
Monthly 10-MB Rs. 30 10-MB 30 Days SMS 10 MB to 7777
Monthly 100-MB Rs. 100 100-MB30 Days SMS 100 MB to 7777
Monthly 500-MB Rs. 150 500-MB 30 Days SMS 500 MB to 7777
Monthly 2-GB Rs. 500 2-GB 30 Days SMS 2GB to 7777

How to subscribe ?

Dial *777# for LTE service menu and to subscribe to any package or to check remaining internet balance.

Warid Internet Settings

How to check for 4G LTE coverage area ?

Dial *400# to check if you are in the Warid Internet coverage area.

Warid 4G Packages (for postpaid customers):

Monthly Mini 100 500-MB
Monthly Value 200 1-GB
Monthly Smart300 2-GB
Monthly Big Internet 500 5-GB
Monthly Super 800 8-GB
Monthly Giant 1000 10-GB
Monthly Mega 1200 12-GB

How to Activate Warid 4G Postpaid Internet Package ?

Call Warid helpline 321 or visit your nearest Warid Business Centers / Franchise to avail this service.

Default Rate for prepaid customers: Usage without subscribing to bundles will be charged at Rs. 5 per MB

Terms and Conditions:

  • Re. 1 + tax will apply to all SMS sent to 7777
  • Validity for daily bundle expires at 12-AM daily
  • In order to use LTE services, your mobile handset & SIM should be LTE supported
  • LTE bundles can be consumed in both 2G and LTE networks. Out of LTE coverage area 2G internet service will be available.
  • Best possible LTE speed will be offered in LTE network
  • Default data rate is Rs. 5 per MB. (Usage without subscribing to any bundle)
  • To get your LTE sim, please visit your nearest Warid Business Center or Franchise
  • 2G / GPRS / EDGE bundles and packages will not work on Warid LTE

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