August 18, 2014

Is PTCL going to merge EVO and Vfone Services ?

PTCL EVO Vfone Wi-Fi Enabled

As it has been seen in recent days that PTCL is informing its WLL customers, via SMS, about the termination of its Vfone services from 31st of August, 2014.

We are also receiving the news that PTCL is trying to convince its Vfone customers to get the landline phone service instead. In some of the remote areas Vfone is the only source of telephony in Pakistan and many of the Vfone customers have only Vfone as telephone source so they cant get PTCL landline numbers.

After some research we have come to know from some sources that PTCL is going to discontinue its Vfone service permanently.

The main of PTCL is to fully utilize the available and allotted frequency band only for wireless broadband service. There are also some rumours in the market that PTCL is going to merge its Vfone and EVO services and customers will be offered Voice and SMS facilities along with EVO services. If true then telecommunication company will offer Voice and SMS services through EVO frequency band.

It has been noticed that Voice and SMS service is also available on PTCL's existing EVO devices, as evo users can send or receive SMS and can dial helpline call on 1015 and initiates a voice call. We have tested the voice service on EVO USB dongle device, incoming calls are blocked and outgoing call facility is only limited to PTCL support numbers.

We are also seeing a new logo from PTCL displaying "EVO Vfone Wi-Fi Enabled" and it seems very earlier to say anything about this.

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