August 02, 2014

Dangerous Health Effect of Mobile Phone Usage in Pakistan

Health effects of Cellular Phones and Radiation on Human life

This is a must watch talk show for every Pakistani to watch and check out the extreme and dangerous social effects and health effects of Mobile Phone usage in Pakistan.

A very informative TV program especially for Pakistanis, where low quality, unbranded and Chinese mobile handsets are widely available in market and also this type of low end, non-branded and cheap quality handsets are widely advertised on TV screens.

This talk show Khara Sach is aired on ARY News channel on 31-July2014, hosted by Mubashir Luqman and the guest was a Ph.D researcher Dr. Fareeha Zafar, Ph.D Computer Science (Wireless Cellular Networks), Head of Computer Science department GC University.

After watching the TV program I have decided to spread the words. It is recommended for all of you to watch this program and spread the message.

Program Brief Summary:
  • Research on cellular phones radiation
  • The greed of cellular towers installation on buildings or in residential areas
  • Pakistani Telecom Market higher 117% growth rate and non-branded and cheap quality mobile phones advertised and marketed
  • Disadvantages of Mobile Phone usage (Sugar level, Joints Pain, Pregnancy Problems, Sleep Disorders, Increase in blood pressure and other Heart diseases)
  • Gadgets and Cellular phones effects on babies
  • Microwaves and Cellular Radiation effect on Telecom Engineers and Telecom workers
  • 90% divorce rate in Telecom Sector 
  • Avoid mobile phone usage as Alarm Clock and try to Turn Off mobile phone during night
  • Always buy FCC standardized Mobile Phones (Signal Absorption Rate should be less than 1.6)

Khara Sach:

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