February 07, 2014

PTCL brings Free EVO USB for all DSL Broadband Customers

PTCL News 2014

Now all PTCL Broadband customers can get an EVO 3.1-Mbps USB Absolutely Free by paying additional just Rs.500 per month.

With this promotion all existing & new PTCL DSL subscribers shall be given an option to get a Free EVO 3.1-Mbps USB and pay just Rs.500 per month for EVO internet usage.

Free EVO USB Offer Details:

  • EVO 3.1Mbps USB device Absolutely free*
  • Monthly EVO service charges of Rs.500 payable with PSTN bill
  • Package can be availed with any DSL package as per customer requirement


  • Backup Mode
  • an on-the-go internet back-up for all those times when DSL goes offline
  • All new DSL modems now available with an in-built EVO port
evo new usb port modem by ptcl

Terms and Conditions:

  • The promotion can be availed by any existing or new PTCL Broadband Customer.
  • Offer is valid for DSL subscribers only.
  • Package can be availed with any DSL package as per customer requirement.
  • Billing Mode will be Postpaid (PSTN Billing Only), to be billed alongside DSL in customer’s land-line bill.
  • Rs 1,000 will be charged in case of disconnection of Evo Package on customer request before lapse of 12 months since purchase.
  • Disconnection of Package after a period of 12 months at the request of the customer will not be charged.
  • EVO connection will be disconnected if the PSTN connection is terminated.

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