February 20, 2014

Nokia Pakistan announces travel show Kuch Kar Dikha

Kuch Kar Dikha - Nokia Travel Show in Pakistan

Nokia Pakistan recently announced that its latest portfolio of large screen Lumia smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia 1320 are now available for purchase in Pakistan.

The details of Nokia launch event in Pakistan are available at: Nokia Pakistan Officially Launched the New Nokia Lumia 1520 and Nokia Lumia 1320 in Pakistan

At the launch of these amazing new devices, Nokia Pakistan also announced a thrilling expedition in the form of a unique reality based travel show named “Kuch Kar Dikha

The show depicts an epic journey of youngsters from different walks of life to savour the scenic beauty of Pakistan.

Video song of Kuch Kar Dikha Travel Show by Nokia Pakistan:

The show takes its viewers across landmarks which offer a rich mix of culture and history, and terrains where no one has ventured before.

The entire expedition is documented through the incredible image and video capturing features of the Nokia Lumia range.

Nokia Travel Show Rules:

  • One lucky person will get a chance to be a part of “Kuch Kar Dikha” based on their photography skills and profile
  • Selection rights solely reside with Nokia Pakistan & its marketing team
  • The decision taken by the team will be final and non-challengeable
  • Nokia Pakistan will bear the entire travel expense

In its entirety, the eclectic blend of devices and a travelogue made this launch the most memorable one by Nokia Pakistan.

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