January 17, 2014

Zong introduces Balance Inquiry Service like Ufone Hisaab SMS

Ufone vs Telenor

In response to Telenor's latest TVC, in which Telenor is claiming that except Telenor Pakistan, all other cellular companies are stealing customers' balance.

In response to Telenor's TVC and to prove that they are not deducting balance without customers' knowledge, cellular operators are introducing these type of services to inform customers about their balance usage on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Ufone recently came up with Hisaab SMS services with which Ufone, on daily basis, notifies its customers about their Mobile balance usage. Hisaab SMS service is free of any cost.

Following Ufone, now Zong launches Balance Inquiry Service. Charges of this service are 10 Paisas+Tax per inquiry.

Unlike Ufone Hisaab SMS service, Zong customers will have to use this service manually.

How to use Zong Balance Inquiry ?

Send SMS “Free” to 102 OR Dial *102# to get the required details.

Zong customers will inquire about:
  1. Summary (Free Mins, SMS, Internet)
  2. Detail Free Mins
  3. Detail Free SMS
  4. Detail Free Internet
How to use Ufone Hisaab SMS service ?

This is an auto service, now need to dial or subscribe.

A point to be noted:

All the cellular service providers in Pakistan, except Telenor, are providing online "Self Care" service to its customers to track their phone usage including call details, SMS details, while on the other hand Telenor has discontinued its "web self service" a long time ago and still Telenor is claiming that others mobile companies are stealing / deducting customers' balance without notifying them.

Telenor users are also reporting that their subscribed bundles validity ends when balance ends. For example, if any Telenor prepaid user subscribes a weekly SMS bundle and if on the same day its balance reaches to Zero the validity of the SMS bundle also ends.

Now its upon you to decide which company is loyal to its customers.

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