January 31, 2014

PTCL introduces 2-Mbps Economy DSL Package with 10-GB Limit

2-Mbps Economy New Package by PTCL

PTCL launches 2-Mbps Economy DSL packages by upgrading all existing 1-Mbps Economy package customers to higher data rate of 2-Mbps.

The price of this newly launched package is Rs. 750 per month while the monthly data limit is same as of 1-Mbps Economy package i.e. 10-GB per month.

Promotion for Existing Economy Package Customers:

The 2-Mbps Economy Package will allow all existing 1-Mbps Economy Package subscribers to enjoy double data rate or speed at Rs. 499 per month till 30th April, 2014.

From 1st May, 2014 2-Mbps Economy charges will be Rs.750 per month.

10-GB download limit, Additional GBs at Rs. 100 per GB with billing cap at Rs. 1,750 per month.

PTCL New Package 2014

PTCL 2-Mbps Economy Package Details:

Monthly Fee Rs. 750
Monthly Data Limit10-GB
Price of Additional GBsRs. 100 per GB
Maximum Billing CapRs. 1750 per Month

Note: Total DSL charges will be capped at Rs. 1,750 which means that after 20 GBs the Package will become unlimited.

Now, you can also compare all PTCL Internet Packages through below embedded link.

This move is said to be a business trick of shifting customers to a higher priced package. :-)

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