November 16, 2013

Rawalpindi Violence

Rawalpidi has suffered from something very terrifying on 10th of Moharam. The incident took place in Raja
Bazare on 16th of november when the Ashura Procession was about to end in the Imam Bargah in Raja
Bazaar. The incident took place at 3 o clock near a madrisaa and suddenly the shots of different guns were heard  by the people in the surrounding.

The policeman were injured and the students of the madrissa were also injured badly. And it is said that more than 12 people died and 64 were injured due to the fire set by some extremists. What ever we witnessed on TV was very bad.

We have to understand that we are one nation and we all believe in Allah than what are the things which are dividing us in to different groups.One thing we have to understand that there lies some third force among us which is trying to create these conflicts among Sunnis and Shias.

Time has come that we have to stand as a nation otherwise the third force may win the battle which we as a nation don"t has to loose.The crefew is imposed in Rawalpindi and the army and the police has taken control of the affected area.

The mobile service is still blocked from past two days and it is said that it will remain close till Monday morning.

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