September 24, 2013

PTCL revised DSL 1Mbps Student Package Charges to Rs. 1175

1mbps price upgrade
Ptcl has silently revised the charges of DSL 1Mbps student package. The new and increased student package charges are Rs. 1175 per month with unlimited bandwidth.

Ptcl bills for the billing month August 2013 generated with broadband DSL charges of Rs. 1175. However the 1Mbps student package charges, prior to Aug 2013, were Rs. 999 per month.

Ptcl has captured the market share and now they have start increasing the charges.

The bills for billing month Aug-2013 issued on 14-September-2013 have the following message on them.

"With effect from 1st August 2013, 1Mbps Student Package charges have been revised to Rs. 1.175 per month with unlimited downloads."

PTCL Bill Images:

PTCL Bill Copy


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