June 21, 2013

Ufone all set to lead Sindh Open and Chief of Naval Staff Golf Open 2013

Ufone-GolfUfone has been playing a major part in the development of the game of golf over the last few year. Among many initiatives taken one major focus has been to sponsor the country’s top golfers which as seen on the international circuit allows players to focus on their game and in turn helps them get better and stronger on the course.

Team Ufone comprising of Muhammad Shabbir Iqbal, Matloob Ahmed, Muhammad Munir, Muhammad Nazir and others are ready to once again take top honors in the upcoming tournaments to be held in days to come.

Muhammad Shabbir Iqbal Pakistan No.1 and the current Chief of Naval Staff champion is eager to defend the cup, said  I am excited to be back in Karachi to defend my title, CNS Golf Open has been one of my favorite tournaments which I have had the honor to win a number of times. Being part of Team Ufone has taken competition to a whole new level.

Ufone has allowed the elite of golf to develop themselves and Ufone’s support and encouragement has opened doors for us to explore and be a part of both the Asain & MENA Tour.

This is indeed the largest step taken by any company in the country and I feel pride in being a part of such a strong and competitive team.

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