June 17, 2013

LG unveils its latest Energy-Efficient products & Home Appliances in Pakistan

LG Appliances Pakistan
LG Electronic targets Pakistani Market with Smart, Energy Efficient Home Appliances by unveiling its latest convenience-enhancing products in Pakistan.

LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator, has continued to push the barrier in consumer electronics with the launch of its flagship 2013 Smart models in Home Entertainment and Appliances at a grand event.

At the heart of LG’s innovative new smart features include the 55-inch Cinema 3D Smart TV (55LA8600), the Linear Door-in-Door refrigerator and the 6 Motion™ Direct Drive washing machine. In combination with LG’s signature technologies, the new appliances deliver energy, time and help enrich consumer’s lives.

“Driven by world-class technology and innovation, LG’s new Smart line-up aims to provide the ultimate comfort and functionality in a user’s home,” said Mr. D. Y. Kim, President of LG Electronics Gulf FZE. “Each feature was inspired by our consumers’ wants and needs in today’s technologically-equipped world. With home appliances, we strive to promote the importance of low energy consumption, and with TVs, we show how excellent image quality and advanced features result in an enhanced and intuitive user experience.”

LG brand shop Pakistan

“Our Home Entertainment appliances are a testament to LG’s unmatched leadership in next-generation displays but also proof of our commitment to bringing to market the most exciting TV technology available today. Meanwhile, our Home Appliances enforce our commitment to introducing our new product line-up of refrigerators and washing machines that encompass state-of-the-art appliances designed to supplement consumer lives and enhance their comfort,” added Mr D. Y. Kim.

Next generation viewing with Smart features

LG’s flagship model, the 55LA8600, takes inspiration from the consumer to create the simplest and intuitive user experience possible.

The Smart Control features allow users to easily access their favorite programs, premium and newsworthy content, and practical applications through the customizable Smart Home interface projected on the TV screen. The user can access the menu content with the aid of LG’s upgraded Magic Remote, which entails simple command options such as point, wheel, gesture, and speak.

LG’s SmartShare technology allows users to browse and share files from external devices wirelessly on the LG Smart TV or watch TV on another smart device. New SmartShare features are Tag On, Time Machine II, and LG Cloud. The Tag On feature allows mutual content sharing and mirroring by simply “tagging” the smartphone to an NFC sticker provided with the TV.

The LG 84LM9600 is the world’s first 84-inch Ultra HD 3D TV. At 84-inches, picture quality is taken to a whole new level with four times higher resolution than Full HD.

The new 2013 models embody LG’s minimalist CINEMA SCREEN Design. The TV’s bezels have been significantly reduced to provide a greater sense of immersion. The Magic Stand further enhances the effect, enabling the screen to appear as if floating. Both elegant and functional, the stand complements the screen without creating any visual distraction. This sleek formation effortlessly blends into any modern interior design scheme. The stand also features a convenient swivel and roller function, allowing the TV to be repositioned with ease.

LG continues to be at the forefront of industry innovation and it is the brand’s market leading technology developments, such as Triple XD Engine, that makes it possible to produce the breakthrough 84-inch Ultra HD TV. The TV also boasts LG’s latest features and functions, including its award-winning Smart TV and Cinema 3D technology. LG Resolution Upscaler Plus feature then allows standard or high definition images to be rendered in higher detail to ensure a better viewing experience no matter what you’re watching.

LG Appliances Pakistan

Smarter Home Appliances

LG’s Home Appliances have been driven by world class technology and innovation with the aim of providing ultimate comfort and functionality in a user’s home. LG’s Inverter Linear refrigerators are equipped with the smart Door-in-Door (DD) feature.

Similar to the French Door-in-Door refrigerator, the new Side by Side Door-in-Door features a door panel that provides quick and easy access to the refrigerator at the push of a button, revealing a new enhanced space to store and organize food and beverages and help reduce waste. The panel is great for storing and easily accessing high frequency sought after items such as milk, condiments and dairy, which is great for those with hungry children that seem to stand in front of the refrigerator all day, or for making the most out of simple entertaining for family and friends.

The Door-in-Door panel allows consumers to access items stored inside without affecting the temperature of the entire refrigerator. Hygiene Fresh is also added in these refrigerators, which promotes proper air circulation inside to eliminate odor and bacteria as quick as 15 minutes.

LG’s next-generation 6 Motion™ Direct Drive offers the biggest capacity for Front Load Top Load washing machine models in the market. Equipped with core technology, Inverter Direct Drive, the system increases the motor’s efficiency, thus making it less prone to breakdown. The simplified mechanism—no belt and pulley unlike in traditional motors—also helps reduce noise levels, and increase energy and cost efficiency.

The 6 Motion™ Direct Drive, enables the drum to not only move in tumble motion but also adds stepping, filtration, rolling, scrubbing and swing. This feature offers perfect washing performance that delivers a complete and efficient washing solution just like a hand wash.

The model comes with improved energy and water efficiency that more than offsets the demands of its heavier loads. Packed with top-grade features, the washing machine’s 6 Motion™ Direct Drive technology tailors it’s washing depending on particular fabric types, its True Stream provides an enhanced deep-clean performance and family care while THE SMART DIAGNOSIS provides stress-free assistance to keep the machine in perfect working order.

The LG Direct Drive Motor with Optimum program enables the washer to operate in lower capacity and lesser water consumption. It detects how much laundry is loaded, and selects the optimum wash, rinse and water consumption based on the information. The Load Detection will save the consumer a bundle of time and money.

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