June 24, 2013

DYL Motorcycles launched YD-125 Sports Euro 2 in Pakistan

DYL Motorcycles, the assembler and manufacturer of YAMAHA brand Motorcycles in Pakistan, has recently launched YD-125 Sports model in Pakistan.

The YD-125 is a 125-cc Sports motorcycle with Euro 2 standard. This latest motorcycle model from DYL is said to be competitor of Atlas-Honda's CG-125.

Its engine design and functionality is almost same as Honda's CG-125 model. YD-125 sports model is available in three colors Black, Blue and Red.

  • Front Disk Brake
  • 5-Gears
  • 4-Stroke Engine
  • Racy front headlight + built in LED Flashers
  • 12.5 Liter fuel tank
  • Muscular 12.5 litre fuel tank with race-tech cap
  • Multifunctional speedometer with fuel gauge, digital gear indicator and RPM gauge
  • Sporty and comfortable double seat with chrome assist grip
  • Sporty Euro II muffler with chrome protector
  • Distinctly sporty LED indicators
Some Pictures and Images of YD-125 Sports:



We cannot say something about its fuel average, mileage and consumption right now because this model is new in market. As its engine design and functionality is same as CG-125 so their fuel mileage may be same.


YD-125 price in Pakistan is 105,000/- (1 lack and five thousands). Visit DYL motorcycle website (dyl.com.pk) for more details.

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