May 01, 2013 - Pakistan's first online digital Marketplace launched

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Train of Thought (pvt) ltd. successfully launched Pakistan's first online digital Marketplace, branded as, where merchants will be able to create their virtual stores with complete freedom over their product, promotion and pricing strategies.

Train of Thought is a technology start-up from Pakistan focusing on developing and marketing proprietary technological solutions.

With merchants do not have to go through the painfully expensive exercise of opening up an outlet in smaller cities. will make merchants' products available to the buyers through its digital platforms.

Rang is a platform which allows merchants to sell their products even in the remotest of locations in Pakistan via the website and the Rang mobile app. Merchants will get a chance to gauge the market response from different cities without having to open up a store. So can be the virtual shop for merchants looking to scale up.

Features for Merchants:

Rang Website:
Visit the website and sign up for a merchant account. During sign-up process the merchant will be guided through a product catalogue creation process along with marking of outlets on a google map interface. Once done with that, their system will start pushing the products through its mobile app and web user portal (starting two weeks from now i.e May 1, 2013). Location based intelligent notifications will also engage users when they are near the outlets.

Rang Mobile App:
Get maximum reach with the Rang mobile app. Users can download the Rang app from the leading play stores. The mobile app is being promoted by Mobilink and the number of users who engage with the app is increasing rapidly.

Complete control over content and inventory:
This is a great opportunity for merchants to benefit from this amazing product. Visit Rang website for more information.

Direct payments:
When users order products through or the Rang mobile app, they will be getting in touch directly with the merchant. Their payments will be sent directly to the merchants. This is great for small businesses since they don't have to deal with payment delays and middlemen commissions. This is a truly unique model where we facilitate businesses to reach out to areas where otherwise they would not have been able to open up a store.

250,000 worth of free orders, low commissions and no hidden fees!!!

There are no fees charged on sales through Rang team will help generate 250,000 worth of orders for free and after that there will be a minimal charge of 5% on all revenue generated. This money will be spent on increasing the reach of the rang mobile app to more smaller cities.

Visit for product details and more information.

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