April 28, 2013

Pakistan General Elections 2013: How to Vote on Polling Day ?

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One of the most critical step to bring change in Pakistan is to get your votes registered for next general elections in Pakistan.

The electoral rolls data, based on the house listing was compiled by the Election Commission of Pakistan and, was handed over to the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), which prepared draft electoral rolls on the basis of CNIC data available with them. These rolls were then sent for door-to-door verification through school teachers appointed by the ECP as Verifying Officials.

Form-A was devised to register the names and details of those eligible voters whose names were missing from the draft rolls and identified during the door-to- door verification process. Form-B was used to delete the names of those who were found to have died since the last updating of the rolls. Verified data was sent to NADRA for incorporation of updated information, which was then used to prepare preliminary rolls that were put on display for 21 days at Display Centers established across the country.

Establishment of these centers’ was widely publicized through print and electronic media campaigns and the public was invited to verify their information and file claims for inclusion of their names, objections to the names of registered voters and apply for corrections of their wrong particulars. The Revising Authorities appointed by the ECP settled upon these claims, objections and applications for correction, on the basis of which the preliminary electoral rolls were revised and sent to NADRA for updating and printing the Final Electoral Rolls.

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The Vote Registration Process:

During the Door-to-Door drive the Election Commission of Pakistan's representative will bring the Electrol lists with them. If your name is present in the list and the address and information is correct, you will just verify it and will not be required to fill a new form.

If your name is missing in the list, or you are registrating your vote for the first time, then you will fill you FORM (A) or FORM 2 to register your vote.

Which Documents Are Required ?
  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) Number.
  • Your complete address with "Meen Sheem Number" - the one written outside your house by census board.
Who is eligible to register as a voter?
  1. I am entitled to be registered as a voter, if: I am a Pakistani citizen
  2. I am not less than eighteen (18) years of age
  3. I have not been convicted by any court of law
  4. I am a resident of the area / owner of, or in possession of immovable property in Pakistan
Note for Overseas Pakistanis:

ECP has recently awarded the right of vote to overseas Pakistanis. The modalities and implementation details are being chalked out current.

Election Commission did not visit my house, my vote is still not registered!

In case no representative from ECP visits your house till 30th Nov, you must contact ECP.

Voter Education & Training Material

How to Vote on Polling Day ?

how to vote on polling Day

how to vote on Election Day
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So, Say Yes to Vote to bring change in Pakistan...

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