April 30, 2013

Google PK brings Pakistan Elections Web Page

Google Politics Election logoGoogle Pakistan launched its Pakistani elections hub recently, Google brings a dedicated web page for 2013 elections in Pakistan. According to Google this page will help Pakistani voters stay informed in the run-up to Election Day.

People will find the latest News, Search Trends, and other hot issues related to top parties and candidates on this page.

Users will be able to search for real-time election information within the website.

Google has set up an Elections website at www.google.com.pk/elections/

Options available on Page:
  • Elections News
  • Political Parties Information
  • Current Issues in Pakistan
  • Search Trends (Parties and Leaders)
  • Live Search
Screen Shot of the Page:

Screen Shot of Google Election Page
Captured at 19:47 (30/4/2013)

Trends - Parties

Trends - Leaders

Pakistan General Elections 2013: How to Vote on Polling Day ?

Pakistanis can now get all Pakistan Elections 2013 related news on a dedicated elections hub at Google elections page for Pakistan, where they can study, watch, learn about and participate in the policy issues shaping the campaigns as Election Day nears.

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