March 09, 2013

Warid Buzz: A Voice-Blogging service by Warid Telecom Pakistan

warid buzz Voice Blogger
Warid has launched a new Voice-Blogging service called “Warid Buzz”. Through this service Warid customers can record their message and these message can be listened by other Warid customers.

Warid Buzz is a communication medium where people can record their information on an IVR channel and their followers and audience can dial in and listen to it whenever they want.

Warid Buzz is a new medium which will have User Generated Content for the audience to enjoy.

Warid Buzz provides an easy to use platform for Warid customers who are interested in voice-blogging.

Anyone can become a publisher. Simply register as a publisher by dialing 2898 and start recording your thoughts.

All publishers are given a unique ID which can be communicated to their followers to listen to their messages. In this way, publishers can feel free to record information as it will only be available to those listeners who have access to the publisher’s ID.

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How To ?
  • Publishers can dial 2898 to record his message (Only post-paid customers of Warid can subscribe for Warid Buzz)
  • Listeners can dial 2899 and listen to the content posted by publisher
  • Multiple people can dial at the same time to listen to the recording
  • For publishers: Rs.300+tax per month
  • For listeners: 10 paisas per minute
Visit Warid Buzz official page for service terms & conditions and for detailed Information.

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