February 10, 2013

Pakistan's First Metro Bus Service Inaugurated in Lahore

Lahore Metro Bus Service
Pakistan's first Metro Bus Service was successfully inaugurated in Lahore on 10-Feb-2013. Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, Dignitaries from different countries, Political figures, Journalists and General Public took the very first ride of the Revolutionary Metro Bus from Gajumata to Shahdara after its formal inauguration.

With the aim to provide safe, efficient and comfortable urban transportation system in the major cities of Punjab; the Government of Punjab has established Punjab Metrobus Authority (PMA) for construction, operation and maintenance of mass transit system.

The good news for the citizens of the Lahore is that the Metro Bus service is free for public use for first one month.
Buses are moving on the 8.3Km long overhead bridge infront of GC University
Buses are moving on the 8.3Km long overhead bridge infront of GC University

To avail Metro Bus services, every passenger must carry a valid ticket. However, infants ride for free. Passengers have the choice of purchasing two types of RFID-based fare media/tickets:
  1. Single-Ride Tokens: That are deposited/returned at the exit platform
  2. Multi-Journey Metro Bus cards: That are retained by the passenger
Bus Station in Lahore
Metro Bus Station in Lahore, Pakistan

The Metro Bus System Line-1 from Gajjumata to Shahdara is established in Lahore, and is the first system to be operated by PMA. MBS Line-1 is approximately 27 KM long running in the North-South direction through the heart of Lahore.

Rotary Turns of Metro Bus Track at MAO College
Rotary Turns of Metro Bus Track at MAO College

Key locations throughout the city are targeted to allow maximum number of citizens from surrounding areas to avail the bus services. Initially, 27 stations were planned and built along the MBS corridor, which have been designed keeping in view the needs of the passengers.

Metro Busses
Metro Busses

Route Map
Route Map of Lahore Metro Bus Service
images source: Social Media Cell & Punjab Metrobus Authority

www.pma.punjab.gov.pk Visit Punjab MetroBus Authority website for detailed information regarding Metro Bus Service in Lahore.

This is a very good step from Government of Punjab.

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