January 24, 2013

ZONG introduces REACH: Corporate Bullk SMS Service

SMS Service for Business
In line with the requirements for corporate clientele, ZONG presents Corporate GROUP SMS with a view to provide its corporate clients with a state of the art solution for business use.

Corporate Group SMS service is named as REACH and it allows clients to create and send bulk SMS's from their PC's to their employees and customers.

Corporate SMS is an SMS broadcasting application that enables corporate users to Send, Manage and schedule message broadcasts to multiple recipients on any mobile in Pakistan.

Corporate SMS is one such solution that corporate customers have always been interested in. A simple desktop interface enables message composing, recipient selection, scheduling delivery and account maintenance effortless. Customer does not need to install any software. It's a web based solution and can work on any computer.

Masking Option: SMS can be branded with your own company's name. Option to choose to send your broadcast out from your phone number or your organization names.

APIs: Customers can use the open web-based APIs within their own in-house software to send out SMS messages (open API gives flexibility to customer to use its own application / GUI).

This system supports Urdu message as well.

Zong Corporate SMS Features:
  • Make new groups; allow inter-group messaging and message transfer
  • Rename existing group, view all groups
  • View all group members, and edit group's members
  • SMS language (English/Urdu/Chinese)
  • Create message templates
  • Check group SMS account status

Rs. 0.10 + tax per SMS with a minimum purchase of 100,000 SMS messages (Rs. 10,000 approx)
There is no upper limit on the number of SMS messages that could be purchased
Per SMS charges remain the same as above regardless of how many SMS messages are purchased

How to Activate ?
  • Contact ZONG Corporate Sales Team (GroupFeedbackSmsm@zong.com.pk)for activation or in case you have already activated the service please use this link to access REACH Corporate Bulk SMS portal.
Click Here to visit the Reach-Corporate Bulk SMS page at Zong website for more details.

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