January 07, 2013

PTCL brings Economy DSL Package: 1Mbps for Rs. 499

economy dsl package by ptcl
PTCL recently announced Economy DSL Package which offers fast and cost-effective Internet connectivity for its customers.

The new economy package enables customers to experience PTCL Broadband Internet for only Rs 499 per month inclusive of downloads up to 10 GB.

For downloads above 10 GB, Rs 100 per GB will be charged, while after 20 GB, the package will become unlimited.

Customers who wish to downgrade from Standard 1Mbps and above packages will be charged a onetime fee of Rs.1,500.
“The Broadband Economy package has been specially designed keeping in view the demand for a cost effective connectivity solution paving the way to low-cost Broadband Internet for its customers. PTCL continues to bring state-of-the-art telecommunication solutions to Pakistan’s telecom market with the convenience of affordability”, said Aasif Inam, PTCL Executive Vice President (EVP), Wire-line Business.
Package Details:
  • Download up to 10 GBs is inclusive in the Package Price.
  • Rs. 100 per GB will be charged for downloads greater than 10 GBs.
  • Total DSL charges will be capped at Rs. 1,500 which means that after 20 GBs the Package will become unlimited.
  • Rs. 1,500 will be charged as downgrade charges from all 1 Mbps and Higher Packages (Student & Regular) if they Opt into this package.
  • All other charges will be charged as per prevailing policy.
  • This Package will be available with PSTN Freedom Package (Rs. 250) for new customers and existing customers can also avail Freedom Package with Broadband Economy Package.
banner of ptcl economy dsl package

The offer of 1 Mbps at a lower price with capped downloads will provide PTCL the opportunity of entering this segment and at the same time will encourage more upgrades as the customer experience will enhance and increase the need for higher speed and downloads.

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