November 28, 2012

Zong Timepey: Har kaam TimePey hona zaruri hai

Zong has something new for all of us. Zong has created a brand new website for this purpose the url of this website is

Lets see what is Zong TimePey, may be its a new mobile banking service from Zong Pakistan because Time Pay or Time Pey is related to Time, Money, Payment and Bank as seen in the below embedded teaser banner.

Up till now Zong has a teaser, regarding TimePey, on its website and Zong is collecting the E-Mail addresses to update the subscribers in future.

teaser of timepey by Zong

If you want to know about this service, visit to subscribe via E-Mail. I have published this news just to update our readers about this.

Update: (1st December 2012 @ 10:00 PM)

Breaking: Zong launches TimePay: Mobile Banking Service backed by Askari Bank

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