November 06, 2012

Ufone holds Friends of Environment competition

Ufone SOS village competition
Ufone has recently arranged “Ufone-Friends of the Environment” competition to engage and instill healthy environmental practices among the Children of SOS villages. Children who took part in the competition were aged between 7 and 14.

The activity was planned with an objective to educate the children and by association educate the future generations. During the last few decades planet earth has witnessed major environmental changes and experts attribute several reasons for this change including fast-paced industrialization and large scale cutting of trees.

A total of 10 SOS villages were involved in this project. A panel which consisted of top management at Ufone judged the artwork submitted by each village. This way not any individual child alone was a winner but the whole village reaped the benefit.

Children around the world have proved themselves as best representatives of change and Ufone, primarily driven by this thought, made children one of the stakeholders in its ongoing efforts of beautifying the environment. By making children responsible for their environment is ultimate assurance of paving the way for a greener and environmentally friendly Pakistan.

Apart from creating awareness on the issue and challenges faced by people and government to overcome the environmental issues, the competition also strengthened the feeling of unity among residents of different villages.

The exhibition held in this regard started on 24th October 2012 till 4th November 2012. The children were asked to come up with environment friendly slogans / taglines with illustrations and from each SOS village the best entries were chosen and passed forward to us.

Ufone SOS Pic

The Children who took part in the competition are aged between 7 and 14. This activity has also strengthened our long standing bond with the children and management of SOS Villages across the country.

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