October 18, 2012

PTCL Wingle Wi-Fi Dongle, Price, Packages and Specs

USB Wi-Fi Enable Dongle Modem
PTCl 3G EVO Wingle
PTCL Evo Wingle is the Pakistans’s first 3G hotspot in the shape of a USB dongle modem, which packs a built-in Wi-Fi router in the most compact casing with a sleek & clean design and connects up to 5 Wi-Fi devices to high speed internet simultaneously.

A mobile Wifi hotspot like EVO Wingle provides its user with a personalized Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling uninterrupted internet connectivity with up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled gadgets simultaneously. All you need is a USB power source to plug in the USB and you can get connected to internet anytime anywhere

PTCL Wingle Packages:

Launch Bundle
Bundle Price Volume Bundle Validity Billing Modes
Rs.7,500 Unlimited*
*FUP 100 GB applies
3 Months PTCL landline Billing & Advance Billing

Postpaid Wingle:
Line Rent Volume Billing Option1 Billing Option 2
Rs. 2,500/- Unlimited* Landline billing Advance line rent
*Fair usage policy of 100GB applies

Prepaid Wingle:

Line Rent
1 Day

 Line Rent
7 Days

 Line Rent
30 Days

 Line Rent
30 Days

 Line Rent
30 Days

EVO Wingle USB Price: Rs.4,000

* Speed throttling to 256Kbps upon reaching prescribed volume limit. FUP of 100GB applies on Wingle Unlimited.

** Additional usage to be charged at Rs.0.2 per MB

Does EVO Wingle work with external power source ? Yes EVO Wingle works well with any USB power source. So plug in your Wingle into a USB port in your car’s stereo system iPhone's charger or cigarette lighter charger, and get connected to 9.3Mbps speeds on-the-go without the need of a laptop. Or plug-in the device into any USB power charger to get connected instantly.

Banner of PTCL Evo Wingle
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What networks does the EVO Wingle operate on ? EVO Wingle is backed by PTCL EVDO Rev B network offering blazing fast hyper speeds of up to 9.3Mbps on-the-go with roaming in over 200 cities across the country, with auto switch-over to 9.3 Mbps in more than 250 cities.

What are the device charges for 3G Evo Wingle ? 3G Evo Wingle comes with an amazing launch offer, whereby you get the EVO Wingle device ABSOLUTLEY FREE OF CHARGE. All you need to do is pay Rs.7,500 in advance and you can enjoy 3 months of unlimited internet access with a Free EVO Wingle.

For unbundled packages, the device price for EVO Wingle shall be Rs.4,000.

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EVO Wingle & 3G Nitro cloud give the same functionality to its users, however, the difference lies in the device types. For Wingle to operate, the user must have a USB power source like a Laptop or any external USB power source. For Nitro Cloud however, all you need to do is switch-on the device and you can get connected anytime anywhere without the need of a power source.

Does EVO Wingle provide roaming facilities ? Yes, with 3G Evo Wingle you can enjoy roaming at speeds up to 9.3 Mbps in more than 200 cities with auto switch to 3.1 Mbps in more than 250 cities across Pakistan

Evo Wingle comes with built-in security features that ensure optimum security for your device, so you have full control over the people and the devices that share your connection. In order to ensure optimal security of your Wi-Fi connection, it is highly recommended that you change your security key (Wi-Fi Key) after first log-in.

Where can I find my SSID & Wi-Fi Key ? Each device has a unique SSID & Wi-Fi key which is printed on the inside of the device after removing the cover.

How can I change the default Wi-Fi Network Name and setup security?

To change the default Wi-Fi Network name and security settings:
  • Plug your Wingle USB into a power source; you would automatically be directed to an online user interface. Enter the default username and password as “admin” then Go to Settings --> Wi-Fi security --> WLAN Basic Settings and choose your desired SSID name & your Wi-Fi key to ensure optimal security
What type of devices can I connect to my 3G Evo Wingle ? The EVO wingle works well with virtually any type of Wi-Fi enabled device, including laptops, smart phones, cameras, gaming consoles, multimedia players and many more.

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Can I upgrade my Nitro to EVO Wingle ? No, Nitro USB & Wi-Fi Cloud devices cannot be upgraded to EVO Wingle.

What might the owner of the 3G Evo Wingle need to be aware of before sharing with multiple devices ? You need to be aware of the following when connecting with multiple devices:

If there are several heavy data users on at the same time, you may notice degradation in performance speed.
Be aware these users are contributing to your data usage. That’s why we offer multiple package options to make sure individual needs are taken care of. With unlimited data package, share as much data as you want without any worries.

What is the average speed that I would get on my 3G Evo Wingle ? Speed is on best effort basis, up to 9.3 Mbps. Speed depends on factors such as modem capability, location, distance from communication tower and number of simultaneous users. Average speed varies from 0.5 Mbps to 4.4 Mbps.

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