October 10, 2012

Find Local Business Listings via Zong Directory

Zong brings, for the first time in Pakistan, Zong Directory. ZONG Directory connects you to businesses in Pakistan.

Find company listings, search local businesses, products and services, with Zong's motto "if it's in Pakistan, it's on ZONG Directory".

With this unique service Zong customers can find information by entering any 'keyword' like "PAKTRON, Islamabad". Moreover Zong customers can also subscribe to the latest deals and offers of their favorite places in their own town.

How to subscribe?

Search: The customer will send the desired place, city e.g. MacDonald’s, Karachi to 5005 through SMS.

Subscription: The customer can subscribe the latest deals and offers of the following categories by a push SMS.
  • Restaurants and Deals
  • Shopping and Specialty Stores
  • Health and Personal Care
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Search: Rs 3 + Tax per SMS
  • Subscription charges: Rs.10 + Tax per month
How to unsubscribe?
  • In order to deactivate the subscription please write "unsub" and send it to 7700.
Zong Directory

Click Here to visit the official page of Zong Directory

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