July 05, 2012

Special Mobile Phone Numbers for Punjab Police Officials

Punjab Police has got a special call package, from a cellular service provider, for the use of Punjab Police officials.

According to the details special numbers will be allocated to the officials from City police level officers to the SHO's level officers.

Each post will have allocated a permanent and unique Cellular Phone Number. In case of transfer of the officials the new officer on this post will get the same number.

According to the sources initially 150 new numbers are obtained. The new number for the post of CCPO Rawalpindi is 0307-8883800 and for the post of SSP Operation is 0307-8883801.

The mobile phone numbers series is obtained upto 0307-8883950 and the allotment of new numbers are for the posts of SSP Head Quarter, SSP Rawal Potohar, SSP's and DSP's & others.

According to the call package details the Punjab Police officials with these special numbers can call each other free of cost.

On the of order IG Police a Tracker System is being installed in Rawalpindi Pindi Police Mobile Vans. Its control will be installed in the Control room of (One Five) 15 Police. Tracker system will provide the details of location and movement of Rawalpindi Police cars vans and other ppolice vehicles.

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