March 22, 2012

wi-tribe Pakistan offers live streaming service "wi-tribe LIVE"

wi-tribe has introduced, industry first for wi-tribe, live Streaming and Broadcasting service in Pakistan. Live streaming is real-time broadcasting of any multimedia content over the internet to millions of viewers, anywhere in the world.

Now with this offered service, i.e. wi-tribe LIVE one can broadcast any event over internet, just like live tv channel streaming.

Whether it is a conference, product launch, concert, social event, with live streaming, you can reach out to absolutely anyone who can benefit from or takes interest in your event.

By subscribing to wi-tribe LIVE, your audiences can enjoy live streams ranging from (not limited to):
  • Corporate broadcasts
  • Conferences / Seminars
  • Weddings
  • Concerts & other shows
  • Theatrical performances
  • Sports and academic events
  • Launch events
With the global success of live streaming, wi-tribe LIVE has immense potential to grow in Pakistan and you can be part of this innovation in broadband technology.

How to live stream you event ? It is very easy to live stream any event.

This is just a news, for detailed information / price / packages you can visit wi-tribe live official page

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