January 10, 2012

Wi-Tribe offers Endless Internet for Rs.1000 per month

Wi-Tirbe Pakistan now launches a brand new package of 512 kbps with Endless * monthly volume.

It seems that this offer is in response to Wateen's Unlimited * Packages.

The endless monthly volume is a kind of Unlimited Monthly Volume but with limits : )

Now Wi-Tribe users, with this newly launched package, can download their favourite Movies, Music, watch YouTube on-line streaming videos and much more with wi-tribe's endless internet.

The fair usage policy applies to all consumer unlimited packages.

The Package and its Price:

However this is an affordable Package for Monthly Internet Usage. i.e Rs 1000 per Month.

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1 comment:

skhalil said...

This leaves the subscribers of the 512 kbps endless package in the mud, as they have been paying for the same volume 200 more.

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