November 25, 2011

Wi-Tribe introduces Prepaid Packages

As we told you earlier, in a post, about this. Now after Qubee Prepay, Wi-Tribe Pakistan has introduced prepaid wireless broadband packages that will let customers to control their Internet spend.

Wi-Tribe Pakistan New Prepaid

Wi-tribe goes Prepaid with a Hourly Based Prepaid Introductory offer and four New packages, yes, there are four different packages with validity of 7, 15, 30, 30 days. All new packages come with limited data volume.

Details are given below:

Introductory Offer:
  • Rs 20 per Hour (Pay for What you Use)
Wi-Tribe Prepaid Packages (512 Kbps):
  1. 5 Hours for Rs. 100 Valid for 7 Days
  2. 12.5 Hours for Rs. 250 Valid for 15 Days
  3. 25 Hours for Rs. 500 Valid for 30 Days
  4. 50 Hours for Rs. 1000 Valid for 30 Days
How to Get New:
You need to have Wi-Tribe CPE / Device (Desktop, Wi-Fi or Pocket Modem), to start availing any of these packages.

Once you have the Device you can recharge your account with vouchers / scratch cards and start surfing the internet.

But there are some charges for the Modem / Device too ;-) which are given below:

Note: There are no activation charges and the Initial Amount Includes 90 Days (3 Months) worth of Internet.

Total Initial Charges are equal to Initial Credit + Security Deposit. (Example: Prepay Package with Desktop Modem: Total Charges are 1500 + 2000* = 3500)

* Refundable Security Deposit

  • Three Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Security Deposit Refundable Upon Return of Device.
  • Total Initial Charges: Security Deposit + Initial Credit

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