August 01, 2011

Indus Motor Introduces New Car Toyota Corolla EcoTec

Corolla ecotec new model
Indus Motor Company (IMC), also known as Toyota Pakistan, has launched the new environment friendly Corolla Ecotec XLi / GLi.

The vehicle has been specifically designed and approved by Toyota Motor Corporation for Pakistan. Corolla ecotec is the first Toyota Corolla which has factory fitted CNG system with Safety and Performance as per Toyota standards in 1.3 L grades.

This makes it economical and environment friendly while delivering the same performance and durability as that of petrol variant. The development of this variant was in response to high consumer demand for factory fitted CNG in Toyota Corolla.

Giving details about the new Corolla, IMC has issued the following statement: In response to the strong consumer demand we have developed Corolla Ecotec keeping in view the local driving conditions.

New 2011 Model Toyota corolla ecotec XLi and GLi

Corolla ecotec features a 2 Year or 50,000km warranty with Toyota standards. It is also features driving comfort as rear coil springs are reinforced to handle the additional CNG load.

For Price, Pictures, Details and Specifications Visit Corolla ecotec offical Website

[Source: Press Release]

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