July 03, 2011

wi-tribe 2Mbps Package

wi-tribe packages
wi-tribe has upgraded 1.5Mbps internet package to 2Mbps and becomes first to provide 2Mbps on WiMax.

This newly launched 2Mbps connection is only available for wi-tribe's desktop / wi-fi modem, not available on it's dongle.

All existing 1.5Mbps connections will get promoted to 2Mbps connections for free with the same price.

wi-tribe 2Mbps Tariff:

2Mbps is available for Rs. 2400 per month.

Activation Charges (non-refundable) for new customers:
wi-fi modem Rs. 850/-
Desktop Modem Rs. 500/-

Max Volume Limit:
40 GB per month (Download + Upload)

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