May 26, 2011

Ufone Futura Mobile Phone with PTCL EVO broadband

Ufone & PTCL presents Futura
Ufone in collaboration with PTCL, Today Introduces Futura, Pakistan’s first Dual Mode GSM + EVDO converged technology mobile handset phone.

With built-in 3G EVO connection, Ufone Futura offers Live streaming at lightning speed.

This incredible device can also be used as an EVDO modem. Simply connect your phone to your PC/Laptop to feel the EVDO thrust and get instant downloads of your favorite movies or songs from anywhere on the World Wide Web. Ufone Futura will use PTCL’s EVO network for data services.

Also, Your Ufone Futura brings Mobile TV straight to your hand. Stay updated and entertained by watching your favorite TV channels round the clock.

Ufone Futura Price:
Ufone offers Futura at a price of Rs. 7,000.

Ufone Futura comes with following accessories:
  • Stereo Head Phones
  • Battery and Charger
  • Data Cable
  • Modem Driver Disk
  • Handset Manual
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • 2.0 MP Camera
  • FM Radio
  • Snaptu
  • Nimbuzz
  • Mobile TV
  • Audio/Video Player
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • 262K 2.4”TFT
  • Micro SD Card Support up to 8 GB
  • Email (Built-in Gmail, Other Pop Accounts )
  • GPS Data (Only provides basic GPS data information, does not support Navigation feature.)
  • (EVDO Modem/Mass Storage)
  • Internal Memory: 34 MB
PTCL Evo Pricing for Ufone Futura:
For EVO Broadband Internet services, Ufone has partnered with PTCL offer exclusive per hour package to its customers.
Following are available packages:
  • Hourly Package: Rs. 25 per hour (Default Package)
  • Unlimited Monthly Package: Rs. 2,000 per month
Note: To use EVO Internet services, you will have to use PTCL Vouchers for recharge

  • Due to factors such as modem capability, location, distance from communication tower and number of simultaneous users, speed may vary from 3.1 Mbps on downlink & up to 1.8Mbps on uplink
  • 3G EVO on this handset only operates on 1900MHz frequency, and will not work on 450MHz frequency; therefore, 3G EVO srvices will not be available in Peshawar and other cities of same frequency
  • On GSM network, handset only supports GPRS/MMS
  • Good quality mobile video streaming will depend upon strong network coverage and bandwidth availability
  • Ufone Futura comes with 10 free EVO Internet Hours
  • Ufone Futura is network locked
  • Available at all Ufone customer service centers except Peshawar
  • Ufone Futura comes with replaceable warranty of 6 months
  • Warranty can be claimed only after proper verification of IMEI, original warranty card and proof of purchase
Below is the Official Press Release from Ufone On launch of Futura:

Ufone, the leader in innovation, recently launched a mobile handset by the name of ‘Uth Futura’. Once again Ufone has proven to be a pioneer in presenting the latest technology to the Pakistani market. Till date there had been no gadget in the market professing to give the customers high speed 3G internet. With the introduction of ‘uth futura’, Ufone has presented a plethora of online opportunities for customers in partnership with PTCL. This unique handset has the ability to replace cutting edge technology with its unique features and hi speed internet.

Uth Futura is a dual mode GSM+EVDO handset which gives the user lightning fast 3G internet speed of up to 3.1Mbps and the ability to make calls, socialize and stream online videos. The high speed internet is in collaboration with PTCL EVO, the handset has inbuilt data services which will use the same network as any PTCL EVO user in the country.Hence voice calls will be made via the Ufone network and data will be accessed via the PTCL network. Futura has a built in UMobile TV application which gives users the freedom to watch TV anytime, anywhere. This ultimate device makes watching Live TV possible on the go.

Ufone is offering its valued customers a 15 day free trial for users to familiarize themselves with the Live TV facility. The handset also supports applications such as Snaptu &Nimbuzz to facilitate the users to have their presence felt on social media. Upon activation of the service subscribers will be given 10 free bonus hours of high speed 3G EVO internet which can be utilized on the phone as well as consumed while using the phone as a modem with your computer.

At the launch Mr. Abdul Aziz, CEO Ufone, proclaimed that Futura is the gadget of tomorrow which will completely change the tech-lifestyle of Pakistani mobile users. He stressed upon the necessity for frequent and affordable innovations in technology, claiming that Futura, being a reasonably priced mobile phone, will completely revamp the mind-set of the internet and tech savvy users exposing them to high speed internet facility at low costs.

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