April 22, 2011

PTCL launches 50Mb VDSL Broadband - An industry first

PTCL Announcing Bandwidth (DSL) Data Rate Up to 50 Mbps Using VDSL2 Bonding Technology

PTCL has become the 1st operator in the world to use VDSL2 Bonding technology to provide to its bandwidth hungry DSL customers with Bandwidth up to 50 Mbps on its existing Copper network.

VDSL2 Bonding takes two copper based lines per subscriber and aggregates them to almost double the bandwidth speed available to the existing customers and also expands high speed broadband access to areas that are underserved today. Using VDSL2 Bonding technology, service providers can extend the life of their existing copper infrastructure supporting the delivery of bandwidth intensive services such as Triple play service, data and IPTV.
Now PTCL Customers will have an option to avail DSL Bandwidth up to 50Mbps and will be able to download any amount of data in moments.

  • PTCL Broadband service is available in over 1000 cities and towns across the country.
  • High speed broadband data rate is now more affordable than ever before
  • Seamless experience when streaming and downloading movies, tv shows and music files
  • Access to rich HD multimedia resources over the internet
  • Access to free movies, music, classical Pakistani plays, famous cricket matches, educational and religious contents exclusively for PTCL broadband customers on ‘Buzz’ broadband web infotainment portal.
PTCL to offer 50 Mbps Bandwidth via VDSL2 Bonding technology
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Unknown said...

plz i need the mail of president of PTCL as we r still facing probleme of Land line availability in our area , the Vphone has no signals and the Main OPTICAL FIBER to NA is just passing infront of our village then what we can do for it , ALL the new product are only for ISB and other cities why not in the Rular area also .

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