Pakistan Live News has been started on Pakistan's 63rd Independance Day with an aim to provide live news, views and other aspects of Telecom, Broadband and IT Sector of Pakistan.

We Update our readers with the latest happening to the Telecom and Information Technology sector of Pakistan and prefer our subscribers and readers by providing information according to their taste in every aspect.

We are providing our viewers with unique contents and even try to share unique topics that are not yet shared.

We have an increasing number of unique visitors since launch and this is great for any blog to grow.

Who ?
    "Pakistan Live News" is managed by Ali Naz.
    "Ali Naz" is from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
    This blog "Pakistan Live News" is Powered by Google's Blogger.

    Content including Posts, Pictures, Comments and any other information in any form on this blog "Pakistan Live News / news.PAKTRON.net" is either owned by "Pakistan Live News / news.PAKTRON.net", or that is property of third parties and allied bloggers, under Creative Common.
    Anyone is bound to link back if they want to carry any content from this Blog.
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