March 02, 2016

Telenor Companion Watch At Its Best

Telenor Companion Kids Smart Watch App Download

Telenor brings a smart watch in Pakistan to monitor the safety and security of Children.

By the initial look it seems an ordinary one, but after examining its features; believe us, it becomes a “smart” one.

The key features of Telenor Companion watch are:

As this watch is designed, keeping in view the Children of such age who cannot use smartphones so it includes two buttons which are SOS and Vocie calling through which children can connect with their loved ones by just pressing the button if he or she finds itself in a in-toward situation.

SOS calls are diverted to the next member`s number if the first one is not available nor answering. Another great feature of Telenor Kids Watch is GPS through which parents can locate the exact location of their child through google maps. Through geo-fencing, parents can determine safe zones for their children and as soon as the child breaks the set barrier, SMS alerts are send simultaneously to the parents that child has crossed the fence.

All these features give control to parents of their children on the go and they can keep a watch on them while being on work as well and thus increases the safety and security of children in a diverse society such as Pakistan.

Telenor Companion Watch App

The charging time of the watch is 1-2 hours. The battery timing of the watch is 2-3 days. children can send/receive voice messages from the watch and parents (admin) can listen/record that in the application. Parents can monitor more than one watch with the same application but with different watch numbers.

The watch is now available to purchase off the shelf. Telenor Smart Watch price in Pakistan.

Telenor Companion App

Download Telenor Companion Watch Application:

Telenor Companion App for iOS - tap here

Telenor Companion App for Android - tap here

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