June 13, 2011

Win Cash Prizes with ZONG Mega Challenge Competition

Mega Challenge Competition
ZONG brings Mega Challenge, a points based game where Players will earn points by participating in different Quizes/polls.

At the end of competition, player with highest points will Win the competition.

The duration of the competition is 50 days during which various small competitions will also be offered.

Competition Details
  • Customer will get registered in the Game by sending a message to our SMS Code 6600066.
  • Once the customer is registered as a player he/she will start receiving the Game challenges through SMS.
Player will earn points by participating in the offered Game Challenges (Quizzes/Polls).

There will be two simultaneous competitions in the Game:
  • Daily: Highest Points earned in a Calendar day
  • Overall: Highest Points earned at the earned of competition
There will be over 5,000 Challenges that will be activated over the 50 days of competition.

These questions will be of varied difficulty level with different points value i.e. correct answers will increase the level of the player.

The more difficult the question, the higher the points


The Game is designed in a way that we can run various small competitions within the overall competition.

These small competitions will be offered in order to engage the players on daily basis.
  • Overall Competition Winner: Rs. 5 Million
  • Daily Competition Winner(s): Rs 100,000/-

Registration and help on 6600066 for free

Answering Game Challenge Questions on 6363@Rs. 10+tax per SMS

Terms and conditions
  • Employees & their family members are not eligible for prizes.
  • In order to claim the prizes the number should be registered in the name of the winner.

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