October 27, 2010

Look for Your Lost Mobile Phone

There’s a new website on the internet, which is made for the purpose to give your misplaced mobile phone a bell.

If you have lost your mobile phone and are unable to locate it or perhaps you just didn’t see it slip between the couch cushions or in case if you’ve got no idea about where to look for your mobile phone, then the website named ‘I can’t find my phone’ is truly meant for those who can’t find their mobile phones.

Method: All you have to do is, enter your mobile phone number at the space allocated for it, hit the “Hello?” button, and then run around the house, your work place or anywhere you are with the hope of hearing even a faint, under-a-pile-of-clothes ring before it cuts over to voicemail. Its not sure whether this site can be of any help if your mobile phone is on silent mode or powered off.

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